A Fashion Guide to The Summer for You and Your Kids

It is summer time finally and it’s time to bring out the colorful and playful outfits for both you and your kids. One way to do that is to Show Your Colors with Bows. Bows are a classic item that can be styled with almost anything in every color and print you want. Besides bows, there are other ways to accessorize your kids in the summer and fun ways and activities to get them involved in dressing themselves is they get older. Let’s dive into the summer accessorizing guide.

Summer Clothing: Guide

Buy Cotton Clothes and Accessories

Cotton is a very soft fabric that is very breathable. It is arguably the most breathable fabric out there and this makes it a great choice for the summer. Another advantage of cotton is that it is great on the skin which makes it a great choice when buying kids clothes and accessories because kids have delicate skin and should not be clothed in harsh fabrics. One major advantage of cotton helps with moisture control. Because cotton is breathable it helps absorb moisture such as sweat from the skin which is great because in the summer people be sweating. The International Forum for Cotton Promotion states that cotton can take up to one-fifth of its weight in water before feeling damp.

Use Sunglasses

Yeah, sunglasses are a great accessory that makes you look badass but they are also great for protecting your eyes from the sun and its UVA and UVB rays. Get sunglasses for yourself and also for your kids. Make sure you get glasses that have 100 percent protection from the sun. For kids get glasses made especially for their size and age and if possible, get ones with straps that they can hang around their neck when they are not wearing the sunglasses. This will help them keep track of the sunglasses and not lose them when you go out.

Summer Footwear

All kids ever do is run around and play and run and jump and climb. Getting them the right footwear ensures that they are comfortable and that their feet have the right environment to grow and develop. Make sure their summer shoes are not too tight and that they are breathable. This will help prevent blisters and discomfort. Alos breathable shoes mean less smelly feet!

Summer Hat

Having your kids wear a hat in the summer is very important because it protects their face, neck, and shoulder from the sun. Especially if you are going to be out for most of the day or if you’re going to the beach or pool or lake. A summer Hat will keep them protected. It’s also a cute accessory too that can be incorporated into an outfit to have them looking stylish. So it’s a win-win.

Getting Kids Ready for the Summer: Guide


Get Your Child Involved

The more involved your kids are in planning, the more likely they are to go along with the plan. Let them pick out their own summer accessories (under your guidance) and have them try to out on sunblock themselves (with your help). You can also have them pick out their bows and headbands and try to style it or match it with something else in their closet. Take them shopping and let them make their own choices about what kind of accessories they want, what style and what color. Teach them how to put things together and watch as the creativity unfolds.

Encourage Creativity

Let your kids be creative with their outfits and accessories. It will help them develop their own style and personality and also help them build their confidence is they get older. You can also try some DIY projects with your kids and have them make their own homemade accessories like macaroni bracelets or any other fun ideas. You can check pinterest for ideas. Let your kid broaden their minds and imagination by the activities they are involved in,

Different Types of Accessories


Neck Accessories: This is probably the first type of accessory that comes to mind when you think of accessories. Neck jewelry or scarves are a great way to accessorize your kids outfit. For boys its ties, bow ties, and scarves too that will have them looking super sharp

Waist Accessories: This includes belts, suspenders and even wait for beads for the girls. Let the kids pick out the colors and patterns they want. For girls, you can also use a scarf is a waist accessory.

Hair Accessories: Hair accessories are another common type. There are many options for head accessories out there both for boys and girls. For girls you have: headbands, bows, hairpins, berets, headties, hats, scarves and hair jewelry. For boys, you have different types of hats that can be styled in various ways.

Hand Accessories: Hand accessories could be anything from bracelets, to watches to rings and even gloves. You can go all out with hand accessories and let your kids choose whatever they want. Teenage and tween girls love wearing a lot of bangles in several colors and cute theme rings and boys like wrist watches that are themes after their favorite cartoon character like Ben10 or their superhero of choice like spiderman or Captain America.

Bag Accessories: Your kids handbag or backpack could serve double uses. As a way for your kids to carry their stuff around (so you don’t have to) and also is a fashion statement or a way to show their personality. Get their bags in bright cloros and prints so it makes their outfit pop. There are several types of bags now from fanny packs, to pouches, to tiny handbags the options are limitless.